Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project Management

Introduction of Project Management
Definitions: The applications of knowledge, tool and technique to project activities.
It could be human, sources and project.
Management is : i) How to Plan
ii) How to Leading
iii) How to Organize
iv) How to Control

There are 9 knowledge area in Project Management should be consider to ensure some projects to be success.

Stakeholder :
- is the person or organization that interested with the project, involved or influenced.
- could be project manager, project owner, customer and project team.

Differences between Project and Operation.

Project – is the unit, temporary, involved only owner, progressive elevation and also have start
and end date for certain project.
Operation – some work that repeat, long term work and anybody can make the operation.


The 3 elements are the most important aspects to be considered manage projects. Example is, if the time is increasing, the cost will be increase and then quality maybe decreased. So the 3 elements are depends each others.


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